A gun-type thermometer can offend customers,
and facial recognition equipment is overly sophisticated.
That's why our users asked for a simple device that could be used for screening.
The dotCube is our answer.
Instead of being screened by someone else,
the dotCube allows people to screen themselves
by holding out their hand.
It helps reduce the stress of the coronavirus crisis and makes temperature checks fun.

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A dual display allows you to see the result from either side.

Just hold your wrist over the device.
The simple temperature measurement only takes about one second.

Power by batteries is also supported.
Place it anywhere you like indoors.

The device can be mounted on a tripod.
Standard screw holes allow for easy attachment.

The coronavirus has changed how we live.
People avoid going to public spaces and feel anxiety over meeting others.
Wearing a mask, obligatory temperature checks and acrylic partitions.
Over time, these things have come to seem normal.
Still, there are times when one wonders how effective it really is.
So, why do people wear masks?
Why do they have their temperatures checked?
We believe it is proof that people are acting not only in consideration of themselves, but also in consideration of others.
One of our company's other products is called the Quick Hygiene Terminal.
Many felt that this product provided peace of mind for employees and customers.
With the dotCube, we aim to provide that same peace of mind.
We want the dotCube to serve as a kind of message — a symbol that offers peace of mind.
"If you come here, you can have peace of mind."
It's that sense of relief you get when you find a place to shelter during a sudden rainstorm, or when a friendly person talks to you while you're traveling alone.
Through the dotCube,
we aim to provide that feeling to as many people as we can.

A screening device for users who do not require facial recognition.


dotCube video with real device



  • Noncontact temperature measurement
    (able to measure the temperature of objects within 5cm of the sensor)
  • Automatic detection of body temperature using infrared radiation
  • Dual LED display with backlight
    (results can be seen from both sides)
  • Automatic body temperature measurement
    (equipped with a switch function using a sensor)
Accompanying items :
Instruction manual, warranty, security tag, USB cable

This product is a noncontact infrared radiation thermometer.
It is intended for simple screening and is not a medical device.
For detailed temperature measurement,
please use a medical temperature measuring device.

Patent pending Patent application number : No.2020-171510 / Design application number : No.2020-21769


Fever screening method
High-precision infrared sensor
Measurement time
Measurement distance
1cm 〜 5cm
Measuring range
35.0℃ 〜 42.9℃
Measurement error
±0.3℃ (This is not the deviation from the body temperature,
but the error when measuring surface temperatures.)
Operating environment
16℃ 〜 35℃ / Humidity<85%
Power supply
Batteries: Alkaline AA batteries × 3 4.5V / Power: DC5V 1A
Dual LED digital screens
Attachment screw holes
1/4 ISO 1222
Product contents
Main unit, Instruction manual, warranty, security tag, USB cable
Maintenance for one year by sending back the product


we provide Android app
to manage temperature measurement information.
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